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Game Name Looterkings
Genre Action, Adventure, RPG
Description Looterkings is a procedural dungeon crawler, in which you won't fight alone and you won't be the good guy. Play together with up to 3 friends and take control of the most wretched goblin horde ever to have crawled out of the caves deep beneath the earth. These caves don't hold enough loot any more, so you're going to fight your way up. The higher you get, the more loot you will find, eventually ravaging the hallowed halls of the Elven Queen.

Bonding a successful goblin horde works best by gathering your friends to share this adventure. We made Looterkings an up to four-player online coop game, because we think procedural dungeon crawling is most fun with fellow looters supporting you and fighting with you side by side.

But most importantly, we are absolutely passionate about real coop gameplay that is not „just“ individual hacking and slashing, which led to the ability of stacking: each goblin has a special god-ability, which he can share with a fellow goblin by carrying his fellow on his shoulders. Hereby the players will be able to share their buffs of the god-abilities they possess and combine strengths for a short period of time.

When all goblins of a horde die, they will have to start over again from the first level. However, to maintain replayability, the level arrangement, the enemies and the rooms themselves will vary each time playing a level. Each level will provide the players with a possibility to upgrade their weapons and armor at a goblin merchant. The items available at the merchant however will be depending on the overall player level, which goes up by collecting XP dropped by defeated monsters.

We give special attention to distinct graphics and animations. No art in this game is an overused asset-store item or a generic mecanim-animation. Just catch a glimpse at the videos and screenshots – we really want to realize a unique experience and atmosphere for Looterkings based on stunning visuals, sound effects and music. Developed with Unity 5 Engine.
Company Name Looterkings GmbH
Company Description Gronkh, Sarazar and SgtRumpel met while realizing the weekly internet-show "Let's Play Together". It was obvious that all three wanted to join forces concerning game-development. Shortly after, looterkings GmbH was founded on 12.05.2015.

Searching for members of the core team, first attempts and exercises were done with a group of students from SAE. Eventually, in February 2015, with a final group of 5 people, looterkings ventured out to work on their first titel, named equally to the firm itself: Looterkings!

Since then the team gradually increased it's manpower towards 7 people today.
Press Contact Dominik Finkenberger
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