What we do

gamescom is the biggest entertainment show in the world taking place from August 21st - 25th in Cologne, Germany. The Indie Arena Booth will showcase the best Indie games from all over the world on more than 1000m2. gamescom is awesome for two things, consumer and business. With more than 340.000 attendees our developers will have a big audience to show their games to. Furthermore the whole industry will be in Cologne so we organize different network events, using the size of our booth and its five year history to attract top notch industry contacts, so our developers can make good business and keep on making awesome indie games.

We try to help developers with their games, pitches and business development. Our team has worked on a lot bigger and smaller titles and know how hard it is to finalize and release a game. But we also know the difficulties for publishers and investors to find good games and teams that fit to their portfolio and strategy. We can help them finding good long-term partnerships. We organize efficient, relaxing and fun matching making events that have a real benefit for all sides. We can help preparing for those events on both sides to manage expectations. 

For gamescom this year we have multiple different booth options available so we can accomodate many different company sizes and types. The Indie Arena Booth aims to be the best end-to-end solution for small developers who want to make a mark in the industry.

Big Booth

  • Check out a photo
  • 3m x 3m Booth for one developer
  • advanced solution, space to make their own
  • One big banner print provided
  • Table and two chairs included
  • Hardware sponsoring
  • Access to three IAB networking events
  • (NEW!) gamescom survival package:
    food(!) and drinks provided by us
  • 2 exhibitor tickets included

Small Booth

  • Check out a photo
  • One computer in a group area
  • turn-key solution for smaller teams
  • Full booth decoration provided:
    You design, we print
  • No setup required and PC is provided: simply bring your game and go
  • Access to three IAB networking events
  • (NEW!) gamescom survival package:
    food(!) and drinks provided by us
  • 1 exhibitor ticket included

Publisher Booth

We also work with bigger indies or small publishers if they fit our style. Sometimes they need a bigger space than 3x3 or have other cool ideas that we really like so we work with them directly to plant them into our creative ecosystem.