Glitch Cube
by Lalalab

Press Contact

Contact Name: Clemens Haufe

About the game: Glitch Cube

Lalalab is building the Glitch Cube - an interactive cube that literally opens up spaces with the two dimensions "inside" and "outside".

In these, visitors become interacting players together with the "research team" of Lalalab. The task is to first investigate and then correct various aspects of the glitch in a multi-stage quest so that the system can work properly again.

About the company: Lalalab

We are Lalalab - We love games and everything to do with them. Games are not only entertainment, they tell stories, they connect and they inspire us to look beyond our own nose.

As a project collective, we want to give games a place where they are not only played, but can also take place in all these other facets.