Tower Tag
by VR-Nerds GmbH

About the game: Tower Tag

Tower Tag brings Laser Tag to VR and combines eSports with virtual reality. Through a special way of locomotion, we create incredible immersion in a small physical space and also prevent motion sickness. It is an LBE eSports game that was specially developed for virtual reality and is exciting for the audience and the players to the same extent.

Tower Tag is challenging, Tower Tag is thrilling, Tower Tag is pure emotion. In order to make this as intuitive as possible, we have deliberately avoided functions and features that complicate the game such as active reloading and overwhelming weapon selection. The entire game is based on a single button, meaning that players spend less time learning and more time playing. The competitive nature of the game leads to customers wanting to play one match after the other.

We are currently evaluating whether to release Tower Tag for the consumer market.

About the company: VR-Nerds GmbH

VR-Nerds started as a GmbH in 2016 and was previously operated as a GbR since 2013. In addition to various contract work in the AR/VR area and the maintenance of the most well-known blog in Germany on the subject of VR, it was always important to us to use our accumulated knowledge and expertise to create our own innovative products. Over the last few years, we have not only been able to grow as a startup, but also to solidify Tower Tag on the global market.
Here you will find our current company presentation with further information, pictures and videos.


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