Out of Place
by Bagpack Games

Press Contact

Contact Name: Markus Albert
E-Mail: markus@bagpack.games
Developer PressKit: http://www.outof.place/presskit/index.php

About the game: Out of Place

Out of Place deals with a serious theme telling the adventure of a teenage protagonist and his machine companion.

In the strange, distant world of Out of Place the player has to prove himself in challenging combat using his companion while also protecting him courageous during frightening segments.
The intense experience is accompanied by beautiful handcrafted visuals and soundscapes.

The gameplay settles between combat-focused games like Hyper Light Drifter and Action-Adventures such as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. But Out of Place wants to break with conventional mechanics of these genres by establishing a more tactical feel and freedom of choice to the combat system as well as providing atmospheric parts where the protagonist can’t fight at all.
Furthermore, it will transfer and expand the setting of classic 2D games like Heart of Darkness, Another World, Flashback or The Way into an action-packed 3D game world while maintaining their typical atmosphere and game feel.

About the company: Bagpack Games

The team of Out of Place met during their master studies at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences where they produced a playable demo with approximately 20 minutes of gameplay over 4 months. The demo won the German Developer Award 2018 in the category Ubisoft Blue Byte Newcomer Award - Students as well as the 1st place award for Best Desktop Game at the Gamedev Days Tallinn 2019.
In March 2019 they founded Bagpack Games to start working on Out of Place as a full-time project.


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