Sea Salt
by Y/CJ/Y Games

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Contact Name: Paul Nadin
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About the game: Sea Salt

Sea Salt is an atmospheric single-player action strateg game where you play as the bad guys by controlling a horde of minions.

You are Dagon, The Old God, the Eldritch force of the sea. For years Dagon was willing to offer humanity fair winds for their fishing vessels in exchange for their prayers, and a sacrifice when the time came. The humans were happy to enjoy the riches and prosperity provided by Dagon. They knew the price, but cowardice overtook their faith when the time came to collect their debts. The Bishop of the new faith defied Dagon’s will so the horrors of the deep will emerge to claim what is theirs.

About the company: Y/CJ/Y Games

Y/CJ/Y is an indie game studio based in Gothenburg, Sweden. in 2014 Christopher and Josef got together and made the game Keep Walking EP. From there they went on to make Aquatc Adventure of the Last Human and are now working on Sea Salt. Their goal is to create unique and interesting game experiences that are deeply atmospheric.


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