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Contact Name: Pedro Bastos
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About the game: Dolmen

DOLMEN combines futuristic Sci-Fi and Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror, set in the “SoulsBorne” RPG genre mold. You play as a lone astronaut left stranded on a forgotten planet known as Revion Prime. This world is surrounded by the billions of victims to a great war — their corpses float in orbit as a reminder and warning to all those who are unlucky enough to enter its galaxy. To survive on this hostile planet, you'll have to adapt by mastering the game's layered combat system, scavenge for resource and craft new items that improve your space suits' functionality. Revion Prime is unforgiving; you’ll learn that the hard way.

About the company: Massive Work Studio

Massive Work is an ambitious new studio based in Natal-RN, Brazil, with twenty-three team members and over two dozen indirect collaborators. Everyone at Massive Work shares a shared love for the game industry and the drive to make the best games possible! Massive Work’s premier title is DOLMEN, a Sci-Fi Action-RPG inspired by games like Dark Souls, Dead Space and Metroid Prime. For more information, please visit


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