MarZ: Tactical Base Defense
by doorfortyfour

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About the game: MarZ: Tactical Base Defense

MarZ mixes RTS and Tower Defense elements with the goal of protecting your base from undead hordes, while also uncovering the hidden history of the Red Planet. A game of strategy and tactical defense, careful management of your crew and resources is crucial as you try to uncover the terrible secrets of the undead.
In Early Access since September 2017, MarZ: Tactical Base Defense features a story-driven campaign along with a range of skirmish modes, unique Twitch setting (lets viewers help or sabotage the streamer) and a map editor with terraforming level creator and sharing tool.

About the company: doorfortyfour

Founded in 2013 by married couple Miriam and Marc Egli, doorfortyfour is a small indie studio based in Vienna, Austria. Marc is a Senior 3D Artist and has previously worked on the likes of The Crew, Forza Horizon and Crackdown, while Miriam was previously an architect. The studio’s main focus is creating strategy and management games characterized by high-end graphics and creative design.


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