Pokey Dokey Paradise
by Ludipe & bitmOO

Press Contact

Contact Name: Luis Diaz
E-Mail: hi.ludipe@gmail.com
Link to request keys: www.pokeydokeyparadise.com
Developer PressKit: www.pokeydokeyparadise.com

About the game: Pokey Dokey Paradise

Party game for 1-9 fingers (or friends). Play alone or share the keyboard with somebody else.

Try to control 9 paws (each of them assigned to a different key) to compete over a series of totally legit sports that we didn't just make up.

- Lots of crazy minigames you can play on your own or with up to 8 more friends.

- Short gameplay sessions.

- Super cute kittens!

- Different rulesets to rock your party.

Pokey Dokey Paradise is still in an early development stage.

About the company: Ludipe & bitmOO

Ludipe codes and designs. He works full time at AlPixel Games and makes lots of small games.

bitmOO draws all the assets. She is a 2D/3D game art freelancer who draws cute things and grows crops.


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