Touhou Luna Nights
by Team Ladybug, Vaka Inc

About the game: Touhou Luna Nights

Touhou Luna Night's is a 2D Metroidvania. The main character is Sakuya Izayoi, brought over from the popular Touhou Project series. Featuring Sakuya's power of controlling time and hardcore knife battles beautifully rendered in sprite animation, the Touhou Project's "grazing" system adds extra fun to the action, allowing you to recover HP and MP by closing in on enemies and further spicing up the fight. Luna Nights also features breathtaking pixel art backgrounds and VFX, as well as iconic music tracks.

About the company: Team Ladybug, Vaka Inc

Team Ladybug is made of 3 people and has been working on side scrolling 2D action games for a while now. The team has released titles such as Konosuba Resurrection of Verdia and Shin Megami Tensei Synchronicity Prologue before working on Touhou Luna Nights using its home made Mogura Engine.
Vaka, inc. was founded in 2018 to co-develop games with individual creators and very small teams, providing creative support. Vaka, inc. co-developed Touhou Luna Nights with Team Ladybug.


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