El Hijo
by Honig Studios

Press Contact

Contact Name: Florian Emmerich
E-Mail: florian.emmerich@handy-games.com
Developer PressKit: https://media.handy-games.com/ElHijo/

About the game: El Hijo

El Hijo is an exciting spaghetti-western stealth game, in which you guide a 6-year-old boy on his quest to find his mother.

As a six-year-old, El Hijo must always sneak past the dangers of his world. As he overcomes his challenges, he gains self-confidence and cunning and with it more schemes to get past his foes. On his journey, he will find himself in a remote monastery, a harsh and unforgiving stretch of desert and a frontier town rife with crime and villainy.

About the company: Honig Studios

HandyGames™ is a THQ Nordic family member and operates as an international publisher for small and mid-sized projects and developers for a worldwide audience.


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