Ring of Pain
by Simon Boxer, Twice Different

About the game: Ring of Pain

Ring of Pain is a roguelike cardgame, set in a world distorted by your mind.
Your sanctuary has been corrupted. It is sick and twisted.
Find a way to break its curse, survive the Ring as you traverse.

Plan your moves with watchful eyes. Engage, attack, or sneak aside.
Forge a path with choices wise, observe the ring and strategise.

Mix and match, within confines, of item types and slots defined.
Search for treasure, strength compounds with passive powers, some profound!

When death approaches, readjust. Your final choice is... Who to trust?

About the company: Simon Boxer, Twice Different

Twice Different is an Australian indie studio directed by veteran games artist, Simon Boxer, currently working on Ring of Pain and The Dungeon Experience.

The Ring of Pain started as Simon's solo project, and expanded to a team including Damion Sheppard (sound), Belinda Coomes (music), Thomas Ingram (code).

The Dungeon Experience is a comedy adventure game about an entrepreneurial mudcrab, co-created by Simon and Jacob Janerka.


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