Fata Deum
by 42 Bits Entertainment

Press Contact

Contact Name: Dr. Christoph Schulze
E-Mail: info@42bits-entertainment.com

About the game: Fata Deum

Fata Deum is a god game asking the player "With the power of a god, who will you become?".
As a powerful god the player fights against up to four other (AI) gods to rule a fantastic world and its citizens.
These citizens act self-sufficient and need to be convinced to follow the player.

But how will he achieve this?
Will he conquer or convince, frighten or foster, lead or leave, raise or ruin ?
We'll see..

The game is still in an early development state targeting for Kickstarter begin of 2020.

About the company: 42 Bits Entertainment

42 Bits Entertainment is an indie developer company located in Germany. We develop simulation and strategy games for PC, Mac, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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