Gamescom goes online, Indie Arena Booth stays online


Update! Deadline extended!
+++ Good news, everyone. We extended the submission deadline till May 27th! After adjusting the concept last week, we wanted to give you some more time to submit your games. +++

gamescom goes fully digital 2021 and Indie Arena Booth Online becomes an even closer indie partner. Together we are creating the most amazing digital experience for indie devs, press and streamers.
In cooperation with Devcom and gamescom we’ll be as awesome as ever!

Indie Arena Booth online comes in two versions this year!

August 23 - 25 exclusive login version of Indie Arena Booth Online in cooperation with Devcom

- Get a free devcom ticket with your booth and participate in the devcom matchmaking
- Exclusive login version of Indie Arena Booth Online for selected press and business contacts, with integrated ingame video call system

August 26 - 29 Indie Arena Booth @ gamescom now
- Indie Arena Booth is the official partner of gamescom. Indie Arena Booth online is embedded in gamescom now.
- ​Get the chance to be selected for gamescom special programs like gamescom: Opening Night Live and gamescom: Awesome Indies

Indie Arena Booth Online is a playful experience and a place to connect with devs, consumers, press and literally everyone who wants to take part.

Submit your games until May 16th!

Our event framework has come far over the last year! We finetuned the platform and gathered experience with our other online events and it runs much smoother now! We were able to increase the average playtime of our events from an average playtime of 10 minutes at Indie Arena Booth Online 2020, to 2 hours at MAG Online and fabulous 4 hours at Hamburg Games Conference.
Find the (almost) complete list of changes on this year's Indie Arena Booth here

What’s included in Indie Arena Booth Online

- Own booth in Indie Arena Booth Online (big or small) for all Indie Arena Booth online versions
- Implement videos, games, links to sales platforms.
- Own NPC
- Exhibitor login
- Be part of the Indie Arena Booth Platform sales events
- Chance of being part of indie Arena Booth lineup trailer
- Mention on our website
- Social media post
- Access to the Indie Arena Booth backend matchmaking with press and streamers
- Chance of being part of the official Indie Arena Booth streaming show
- Take part in our platform sale events
- ​Access to Indie Arena Booth Online login version (exclusive log in version of Indie Arena Booth Online with video call) for exhibitors and press only. Devcom option for Matchmaking with visitors is available.

Without you Indie Arena Booth Online wouldn’t be complete: We would love to showcase your game and are so excited for your game submissions!

See you on the internet! <3


Small Booth

Big Booth

  • Check out a photo
  • 1x NPCs
  • 1x Arcade
  • 1x Merch Table
  • 1x Logo
  • 2x Poster
  • 1x Small Screen
  • 1x Devcom ticket
  • 2.000,00 €

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  3. Create a game application
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