Apply now for Indie Arena Booth Online at gamescom 2021

You waited for it, we waited for it and now is finally the day: As gamescoms' indie partner we’re opening our submissions for Indie Arena Booth Online 2021.
Indie Arena Booth will be fully digital this year, we love our international line up and we know that some of you won’t be able to attend a physical trade show, so we’re focusing on a completely online experience.
In case you’re looking for a physical presence at gamescom, they got ya:

Indie Arena Booth Online is a playful experience and a place to connect with devs, consumers, press and literally everyone who wants to take part.

Submit your games until May 16th!

Our event framework has come far over the last year! We finetuned the platform and gathered experience with our other online events and it runs much smoother now! We were able to increase the average playtime of our events from an average playtime of 10 minutes at Indie Arena Booth Online 2020, to 2 hours at MAG Online and fabulous 4 hours at Hamburg Games Conference.
Find the (almost) complete list of changes on this year's Indie Arena Booth here

Without you Indie Arena Booth Online wouldn’t be complete: We would love to showcase your game and are so excited for your game submissions!

See you on the internet! <3


Your Indie Arena Booth team

Small Booth

  • Check out a photo
  • 1x NPC
  • 1x Arcade
  • 1x Logo
  • 1x Poster
  • 1x Gamescom trade visitor ticket
  • 1.000,00 €

Big Booth

  • Check out a photo
  • 1x NPCs
  • 1x Arcade
  • 1x Merch Table
  • 1x Logo
  • 2x Poster
  • 1x Small Screen
  • 1x Gamescom trade visitor ticket
  • 2.000,00 €

Join us and sign up

To join we need you to do these simple steps:

  1. Create a user account
  2. Create a company profile
  3. Create a game application
  4. ....?
  5. Profit!