sU and the Quest for meaning
by Guillaume Bouckaert

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Contact Name: Guillaume Bouckaert
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About the game: sU and the Quest for meaning

sU and the Quest for meaning is an endless platformer where the score is a puzzle: an intricate mix of precise platforming gameplay and puzzle solving.

Flow is a key element to the game: the environment is randomly changing as you play, offering an experience that is constantly on the up which becomes rewardingly addictive over time.

And as you progress through its world, you will be tasked with solving its numerous puzzles and mysteries.

About the company: Guillaume Bouckaert

Guillaume Bouckaert is a Game Developer working solo on his first project as an Indie.

Playdius is an up-and-coming French Independant video game publisher, focusing on a selection of handpicked games which deserve recognition.


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