Realms Beyond
by Ceres Games

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About the game: Realms Beyond

Realms Beyond is a classically inspired fantasy role-playing computer game with turn-based combat and a party system that allows you to control up to six characters at any one time. Whether you yearn for an open world to explore at your own pace, tactical combat that allows you to plan your moves carefully, or want to lose yourself in the rich fabric of our world, trying to survive and make your mark, Realms Beyond offers endless choices, lands to travel, monster-infested dungeons and a host of storylines to follow. Adapting and responding to the player’s interactions with the world, you will find a depth and richness for your adventures that combines the very best of traditional gameplay with modern-day technologies. The result is a game world that comes alive, brimming with undiscovered stories, content, mysteries, and challenges.
Realms Beyond evolved from the Open Game License (OGL) from Wizards of the Coast for the System Reference Document 3.5e of the most famous pen-and-paper roleplaying system of all time.


About the company: Ceres Games

Founded by industry veterans in 2016, Ceres Games is a small indie studio dedicated to the development of a complex classically inspired turn-based RPG.


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