Ary and the Secret of Seasons
by eXiin

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Contact Name: S├ębastien Le Touze
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About the game: Ary and the Secret of Seasons


Ary and the Secret of Seasons is an adventure game introducing navigation between all the seasons. The season spheres are summoned ecosystems where a different season emerges and change the environment within completely. Ary can open up three season spheres at the same time, and thus she can jump from winter to summer to autumn in the same jump! It opens up an incredible range of possibilities for amazing environmental puzzles and innovative gameplay.



The world of Valdi is divided into four regions, each of them has a specific climate relative to one of the four seasons. A thousand years ago, the harmony of the seasons was threatened by a mighty, evil mage. When all hopes were lost, a legendary warrior appeared out of nowhere, defeating and sealing the mage away. Tales say he was trapped inside a powerful tomb in the heart of the four regions, where a towering dome was built. Meanwhile, four guardians representing their respective region's season were chosen to work together and protect the world, reuniting to the dome annually, generation after generation, father to son... Tragically, the inexplicable disappearance of the Guardian of Winter's son had left the old man devastated and unable to respond to this duty. Ary, his younger daughter, took it upon herself to take his place as the new Winter's Guardian and at the same time, be propelled as the first ever girl to assume a Season Guardian's duty.


First 3D third person action adventure game integrating 4 seasons at once.
The player can summon spheres wherever and whenever they wants. It is never predetermined.
Seasons aren't just a gimmick, it's detrimental to solving puzzles, exploring but also during combats.

About the company: eXiin


Exiin SPRL is a small indie game company based in Brussels. Our games are directed toward all audiences with a big accent on user experience and innovative concepts.



Early history Open since March 2015, we’ve released our second mobile game Afterloop at the beginning of 2016.

This game was designed first for the emerging TV platforms, and then for the mobile market. We released it on 7 different platforms (Apple TV, Android TV, Proximus TV, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows Store).



that After the release of Afterloop, we decided to come back to our first main interest, the adventure game for PC and Consoles. Since June 2016, we’re developing our new IP called Ary, the first game is “the secret of seasons”.