DERU - The Art of Cooperation
by Ink Kit

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About the game: DERU - The Art of Cooperation

«DERU - The Art of Cooperation» brings two players together in a cooperative gaming experience, in which they solve abstract and complex levels. With teamwork, timing and tactical placement both players bring color into the world of DERU. Mutual helping and protecting are fundamental parts of the gameplay. To be successful the players have to communicate and plan outside of the game. The player can also challenge oneself to control both characters and solve the many puzzles.

About the company: Ink Kit

We're a game studio located in Zurich, Switzerland and are currently working on the cooperative mindtwisting puzzle game «DERU - The Art of Cooperation» ( formerly known as Schlicht ). INK KIT Studios is part of the Mr. Whale's Game Services, a collective which produces games with novel mechanics and narrative.


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