Gelly Break
by ByteRockers' Games

Press Contact

Contact Name: Maik Reichelt

About the game: Gelly Break

GELLY BREAK is easy to pick up and offers diverse levels. Thanks to the
possibility of changing the difficulty after each level, the game stays
challenging for every type of target group. The player use all of their abilities
to defeat many different enemies. The ever more challenging Jump & Run
passages overcome the players only, by using the Switch-mechanic of both
Gellies and coordinated timing. The gameplay stays diversified by mixing boss
fights and shooter parts.

About the company: ByteRockers' Games

Since 2008 already, our ChiefRocker Martin Knauf want to change fundamentally the thinking on computer games

and their development. His vision is that computer games improve your life with the pure fun of “gaming” addition.

3 years ago we decided together that this vision become the cornerstone of any development. Games in which the player

can grow in his personality. True to the sense: Those who mastering our games master they life copes better.

No … we do not make educational games :)


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