Exotic Matter
by Moebiusgames

Press Contact

Contact Name: Racheal A. Mack
E-Mail: r.mack@moebiusgames.com
Link to request keys: https://www.keymailer.co/g/games/50550
Developer PressKit: https://exoticmatter.io/press

About the game: Exotic Matter

Exotic Matter is a blend of Metroidvania adventure and procedural survival game. You will explore, craft, fight, solve puzzles and survive across a sandbox open world, progressing between unique locations and uncovering a deep sci-fi story.

As the sole survivor of a last-ditch expedition to an alien planet, your duty is to find a powerful alien material that could save Earth from destruction.

About the company: Moebiusgames

Moebiusgames is an independent game studio based in Munich, Germany. We pour love and passion into developing games for desktop, VR and mobile platforms using Java, JavaScript, Unity and our own 3D game engine (the Exotic Matter Engine), which took several years of development.


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