El Hijo
by Honig Studios

Press Contact

Contact Name: Maria Grau Stenzel
E-Mail: maria@honigstudios.com
Developer PressKit: http://www.elhijogame.com/

About the game: El Hijo

You guide 6-year old boy „El Hijo“ on his quest to find his mother, by escaping a monastery, fighting his way through the desert escaping monstrous strange creatures, and outsmarting horrible gangsters in a saloon of a villain town.

• non-violent stealth game
• spaghetti-western
• 3 environments, 10 levels each
• isometric view
• shadow/light define the visual style and core game mechanics

• designed and programmed in Unity
• to be released in 2019 on steam

About the company: Honig Studios

Honig Studios is an award-winning production company consisting of developers, designers, strategists, writers, digital producers and film producers working together to create innovative interactive experiences and intellectual properties. 


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