Indie Arena Booth Presskit

The booth with a festival flair and independent game developers showcasing their games. We attend multiple conventions in 2019, our biggest booths are gamescom and MAG Erfurt. We have a passion for games and lots of love for Indie Devs. Our mission is giving the best opportunities to reach an audience and publishers for indie devs.

The stops of Indie Arena Booth 2019 are

• DreamHack Leipzig (February 15-17)
• Gamefest Berlin (April 13-14)
• DoKomi Dusseldorf (June 8-9)
• gamescom, Cologne (August 20-24)
• MAG Erfurt (October 4-6)

Is this still indie?

Together we are stronger! From super-experimental two-people teams to the stars of the indie scene - we got them all. Our goal is to create a place where developers can easily present themselves to business partners, and where gamers will play the next indie hit.

On top of our collection, we will have a choice of indie-friendly publishers with well-known titles that players might already know and love or discover for the first time.

“Developers first” is our motto as it’s the developers who show their games themselves

How do you choose the exhibited games?

Every year we receive more than twice the number of applications by game studios than we are able to display. That’s why we decided early on to have a jury of experienced developers and members of our team. Essential criteria for the decision are playability and attractivity of the titles. Developers are encouraged to submit their games on the Indie Arena Booth website and games of all platforms are encouraged to apply.

What kind of booths can the devs choose from?

We offer Big Booths for established teams. In these 3x3 meters the studios can create a small world of their own with decorations they bring along.

In addition, we will have Small Booths for smaller teams with limited budgets. These booths are ready-made with individually crafted prints to let their gorgeousness be seen from afar.

Last but not least, we have the Arcades! With a true retro gaming flare, these these custom standalone machines bring a new level of awesome to the INDIE ARENA BOOTH and can be found near our team headquarters!

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