Bomb Bots Arena
by Tiny Roar

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Contact Name: Maurice Hagelstein
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About the game: Bomb Bots Arena

Bomb Bots Arena is a bombastic online multiplayer brawler (B.O.M.B) that lets players compete against frenemies and online players around the globe.
Players get to customize their very own Bomb Bot and send it into battles in order to level up and unlock new abilities. Punch your enemy to stun them, shield yourself from a fatal explosion or chase after your rivals with the remote controlled bomb - you decide your favorite combo of abilities.

About the company: Tiny Roar

Tiny Roar was formed in 2015 by two best friends, Robert and Maurice, who know each other since school. Currently 10 people strong the team focuses on games they would love to play themselves and is working on a fast paced shooter called Hellfire as well as another unannounced project.


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