Lucifer Within Us
by Kitfox Games

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About the game: Lucifer Within Us

Lucifer Within Us asks you to solve non-linear, story rich mysteries with your wits, making observations and deductions in a world of daemonic possession and invasive soul-scanning technology.

As a digital exorcist working for the Church of Ain Soph’s Inquisition, it is your duty to find sinners and ensure continued harmony. Digital daemons corrupt the network causing human hosts to act on secret desires and sins, even unto murder. Discover the One Truth to determine which citizens are infected and exorcise the possessed. Use all of the tools at your disposal to find the truth, wherever it may hide… and beware the lies you tell yourself.

About the company: Kitfox Games

Kitfox Games is an award winning, independent Montreal-based game studio dedicated to developing and publishing only the highest quality games. We have a soft spot for exploring and discovering intriguing worlds.

We're united in creating the best worlds to explore, and growing together in the process.


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