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About the game: ITORAH

Guide Itorah, a young girl, throughout a fantasy world, reminiscent of the lost cultures in Middle- and South-America. She seems to be the last Human left, facing the challenge of making her way across the cursed Land.
Her only companion being her big-mouthed weapon, that not only helps her combat the perils she encounters, but also aids her in understanding the events of the past.
Along the winding roots of the World Tree they fight their way through forests, caves, temples and mountain ranges to challenge the gods of Nahucan.

• Lose yourself in numerous hand-painted graphics forming the impressive landscapes of Nahucan
• Control 200+ beautiful animations of our heroine with just a gamepad in your hands
• Explore hidden paths along the winding roots of the World Tree
• Unleash powerful skills when challenging the gods
• Befriend with Nahucan's quirky and diverse inhabitants
• Immerse yourself in an unfolding rich and emotional story

About the company: Grimbart Tales GmbH

Founded in 2018, Grimbart Tales in an independent Development Studio based in Kaiserslautern, Germany.
For many of us Nintendo's Game Boy was the first handheld-console and the main reason we fell in love with playing games as children.
At Grimbart Tales we want to cherish these wonderful memores and create games like the ones that thrilled us in our childhood.
Since graphics have improved so much over time, we're focussing on delivering high quality art combined with good old Platforming gameplay.


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