by Queen Bee Games

Press Contact

Contact Name: Yoonsang Yu
E-Mail: yoonsang@akuparagames.com
Link to request keys: yoonsang@akuparagames.com
Developer PressKit: https://www.spinchthegame.com/presskit

About the game: Spinch

Developed by Queen Bee Games, Spinch is a visual 2D platformer created by award winning Canadian cartoonist Jesse Jacobs with audio composition by famed Canadian artist James Kirkpatrick.

Spinch is a hyper-agile organism consumed by the quest to rescue a litter of its missing offspring from an endless kaleidoscopic invasion of misshapen and malformed offbeats and oddities. Dash, dodge, jump, and even launch your own children as projectiles to take down six eccentric bosses in six vibrant worlds.

About the company: Queen Bee Games

Led by husband-and-wife duo, Kathleen and Steven Cassidy, Queen Bee Games is a Canadian creative-led video game studio with a focus on fresh visual styles, immersive gameplay, and top-shelf artistry.


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