Tower Tag
by VR-Nerds

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Contact Name: Christoph Spinger
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About the game: Tower Tag

Tower Tag is a hyper-dynamic cyberpunk paintball like PVP shooter with a grappling hook locomotion method that becomes second nature instantly. Conquer as many tower platforms with your team as possible to be able to move quickly across the field and beat your opponents with tactics and surprise.
Tower Tag works without complicated button assignments so you can concentrate on the essentials, become one with the game and let your body be the controller.

Play casual matches with and against your friends or join the Tower Tag Community with your team to climb the rankings (coming soon) and win tournaments. To be successful training is important, but physical fitness and strategy are also essential.

About the company: VR-Nerds

VR Nerds was founded in 2013 in Hamburg, Germany and has since positioned itself as a thought leader in the global VR industry. With an inhouse development studio with experienced virtual reality veterans, a news website, a B2B division and their VRHQ event and coworking location, the startup has gained expertise across a wide range of VR applications. With their critically and commercially acclaimed VR arcade shooter Tower Tag, they have celebrated worldwide success in over 40 countries across North America, Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa and the Middle East.


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