Imagine Earth
by Serious Bros.

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Contact Name: Jens Isensee
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About the game: Imagine Earth

Imagine Earth is a global strategy simulation. Build up and supply your own civilization and do research to avoid a global climate collapse.

The game puts the player in the position of a global economic player. He must assert himself in the capitalist competition. But in order to preserve quality of life for his employees and inhabitants he has to find a balance between growth and sustainability.

Imagine Earth focuses on the conflict between globalization and global warming. Corporations that compete economically will have to work together at a certain point to maintain the environment as their economic base. In this context the game deals with business ethics, corporate power and the economic growth spiral in contrast to sustainability, environmental destruction and climate change.

About the company: Serious Bros.

We where two dudes founding Serious Bros. for the purpose of making Imagine Earth a game about building sustainable civilisations and climate collapse. Now we are three but it still took us over a decade to round up this global civilization building game with a serious climate simulation. It's really coming out this year!


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