Speed Limit
by Gamechuck

Press Contact

Contact Name: Lucija Pilic
E-Mail: info@game-chuck.com
Link to request keys: https://www.keymailer.co/g/games/79004
Developer PressKit: https://game-chuck.com/speed-limit-presskit/

About the game: Speed Limit

A daily train commute gone wrong: Speed Limit is a one take, non-stop arcade experience that never slows down. An old-school shooter boiled down to its core elements:

Hard. Fast. Addictive.

As soon as you think you've learned how the game works, it changes to a completely different genre, taking you through the history of the golden arcade era.

Running. Driving. Flying. Dying. From the moment you click play to the moment you die, you are in control.

About the company: Gamechuck

We are a video game and hardware developer established in 2017 and based in Zagreb, Croatia. Our latest game Speed Limit was a Finalist at a Dreamhack Summer Game Pitch Championship in Jönköping, Sweden in 2019 and made it in the Top 8 of the Dev Booster online pitching contest by the gamesweekberlin.


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