by Stardust

Press Contact

Contact Name: Lauren Moses
E-Mail: info@stardust.ch
Link to request keys: https://forms.gle/LwuxewL8TNvDVdPB9
Developer PressKit: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1YluB7u04MRN5CjpXNJXd_zAra0ABul_u

About the game: AVA

AVA is a carefully crafted, tarot puzzle game about diversity. Follow young princess Ava on her journey to lift a curse and decide her destiny with a turn of the cards.

Each level features a painting inspired by tarot cards and medieval art, which contains a puzzle for the player to solve. Shift, rotate and combine elements of the painting to solve puzzles. Solved levels can be collected as tarot cards. These cards will be used to solve later levels, adding an additional layer of complexity to the game.

AVA broaches issues of gender, discrimination, prejudice and diversity. The narrative of a young princess venturing into a magical forest to lift her curse acts as a metaphor for the feeling of belonging to a minority.

Created by a diverse team for diverse players. We spotlight talented developers and artists of different races, genders and cultures to inspire females and other minorities to consider a job in games or technology.

About the company: Stardust

We’re a small indie game studio from Zurich, Switzerland. Development lead Tabea Iseli studied Game Design at the Zurich University of the Arts. Along with Dominik Wolfinger who wrote the story of AVA, and Dragica Kahlina’s music and SFX; Stardust is an award-winning studio leading the industry in innovative and thoughtfully selected experiences for users of all ages, gender and interests.


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