by Piece of Cake studios

Press Contact

Contact Name: Maureen
E-Mail: pr@pieceofcake-studios.com
Developer PressKit: http://www.hacktag-thegame.com/Presskit/sheet.php?p=Hacktag

About the game: Hacktag

Hacktag is a fast-paced two-player co-op game with unique asymmetric gameplay. In 2029, in a parallel world inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, you are a mercenary who secretly accomplishes missions for corporations struggling for leadership. To succeed you will have to team-up with a partner and infiltrate corporations simultaneously in two ways:

- As the stealth Agent, moving through corporate buildings with an isometric 3D view and fast, arcade-style infiltration gameplay.

- Or as the Hacker virtually infiltrating the same level with a different view—see the world through holographic blueprint vision and move through a virtual network to interact with the cameras, doors, phones or even coffee machines…

About the company: Piece of Cake studios

Piece of Cake studios is an independent french videogame studio specialized in making great co-op games. Our first game Hacktag, released in 2018 on Steam, is a unique infiltration and anticipation two players cooperative game.


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