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About the game: Insurmountable

Insurmountable is a strategic adventure game with roguelike elements, in which you have to overcome a dangerous randomly generated mountain. Confront the differing terrains as a lonely mountaineer and make your way through Ice, Snow and Stone. Use items to keep up your steadily sinking stats, while making your way up and down the insurmountable heights. The dynamic and ever-changing weather system, the day-night cycles, and numerous other events will make sure that you meet tough challenges on your journey to the top.

To live up to these challenges, you are able to improve your character. By earning experience points through events, you can choose skills to help you with certain playstyles. One of the serveral roguelike elements is permadeath, which forces you to try various strategies in your pursuit to summit the mountain.

The game focuses on the uncertainties and the intense emotions people experience in such a harsh and savage environment.

About the company: ByteRockers' Games

Since 2008, our ChiefRocker Martin Knauf
wants to change how we think about computer games and their
development, fundamentally . His vision is that computer games can
improve your life beyond the point where it ยด s just a fun pastime.

About 3 years ago we decided to take thenext big challenge and started to develop for
full fledged gaming platforms such asPlayStation & Co.
With titles like VRog (PS4) and Gelly Break (SWITCH) we have gained a lot of experience
and initial success. Now it's time to take the next step and this next step is supposed to be insurmountable.


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