Necronator: Dead Wrong
by Toge Productions

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Contact Name: Claire Sharkey
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About the game: Necronator: Dead Wrong

The mysterious Chubat sees your potential! Build an unstoppable army of undeads and monsters and unleash them upon the lands of Livmore to take the title of Necronator, greatest of the Necromancers!

Necronator: Dead Wrong is a deck-building card game combined with a roguelite micro-RTS: add and remove units & spells to your deck to make powerful synergies. Your deck will evolve as you progress through the single-player campaign. No two campaign runs are the same, making it endlessly replayable.

About the company: Toge Productions

Toge Productions is an independent games development and publishing studio based in Indonesia. We focus on helping Indonesian developers to go to the global market.

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