BOAA: Baako
by Illuminia Studios Inc.

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Contact Name: Illuminia Studios Press

About the game: BOAA: Baako

BOAA: Baako is an engaging top-down 2D Massive Multiplayer Battle Royale, set in a futuristic space with Afrofuturism themes. Thematically, it is Black Panther meets Afro Samurai, cross Bomberman in space.

Players compete in a battle arenas designed to test the ultimate skills of bounty hunters in a bid to find the ultimate bounty hunter.

BOAA is a acronym for Bounty On an Asteroid. Baako is the Twi (the predominate dialect in Ghana, West Coast Africa) for One.

About the company: Illuminia Studios Inc.

Illuminia Studios Inc. is a digital entertainment studio based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We specialize in video game development that promote Afro culture and sci-fi. Our DNA is innovation and our biology is Tech. Illuminating Entertainment Bit By Byte.


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