Time Drifter
by Lonely boy Studio

Press Contact

Contact Name: Zény Jr Domond
E-Mail: zenydomond@hotmail.com

About the game: Time Drifter

Scientists have made a mistake... The panda they were experimenting on has become a monster. An all-seeing demi-god with only revenge and destruction on its mind. Only the research facility's janitor can be sent to the past to save humanity. Unfortunately for him, they send him to far. Drift your way through humanity's history and fight everything that's on your way. You're the janitor after all. You've got to clean things up.
The Time Drifter is a game whose design has really been oriented around mobile phones. Our entire design is centered around simple controls, game times that vary between 5 to 15 minutes and the variety of experience from one session to another.

About the company: Lonely boy Studio

Our company is keen to design quality video games for the smartphone and mobile market, the broadband entertainment providers. Our company is now proud to justify the release on tablet and smartphone and PC of our first game "Time Drifter" a game of adventure and action. Today the majority of its video game productions via Unity 3D, our publishing platforms are Android, IOS and PC. We are looking for business partners who can help us achieve our goal.


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