Tiny Thor
by Asylum Square Interactive GmbH

Press Contact

Contact Name: Jochen Heizmann
E-Mail: jochen@asylumsquare.com
Link to request keys: https://asylumsquare.com/contact
Developer PressKit: https://asylumsquare.com/games/tiny-thor/presskit

About the game: Tiny Thor

Tiny Thor is a 2D pixel art platformer dedicated to the greats from the 16-Bit era with modern game design sensibilities.

Thor's mighty hammer Mjölnir is at the core of the gameplay. Tiny will defeat dangerous foes, solve tricky physics puzzles and overcome challenging platforming with the help of bouncy trickshots of his trusty tool. This makes the game feel unlike any other platformer - because it cleverly mixes in elements from Breakout, Pinball and Golf.

About the company: Asylum Square Interactive GmbH

Asylum Square is an independent games developer, based in the Black Forest in Germany.


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