Doors of Insanity
by OneShark

Press Contact

Contact Name: Vladislav Tsopljak

About the game: Doors of Insanity

Embark on an epic ass-kicking, card-slinging journey across purgatory. Create your custom character, build your deck and do battle with the twisted denizens of purgatory and journey to the paradise you deserve. Cast spells, summon allies, and equip a variety of items and equipment as you explore what lies behind the Doors of Madness. No sword is too big, armor too thick, or ally too obnoxious!

About the company: OneShark

Oneshark is a team of 3 working together for the last 5 years to push the Indie RPG genre forward. Our goal is to one day create an iconic indie game that will stand the test of time and outlast us!


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