Drill Man Rumble
by Hunter Studio

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Contact Name: Vladislav Tsypljak
E-Mail: vlad@anotherindie.com

About the game: Drill Man Rumble

In a world powered by the endless revolutions of the Great Drill. There is no greater honor than being a Drill Warrior! Every 10 years each of the Tribes of Kiel put forth a warrior to fight in the Great Tournament! Bring honor and glory to your tribe, Driller!

Drill Man Rumble pits drill wielding warriors in a battle for supremacy! Master a wide variety of drills and compete across danger filled arenas. Fearsome Drillers, each with unique abilities, can choose from an arsenal of unique drills for the battles ahead, but never forget, one hit and you're done. Drills take no prisoners!

About the company: Hunter Studio


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