Enter Africa
by Enter Africa

About the game: Enter Africa

Enter Africa co production Platform is a project launched by the Goethe Institute and SpielFabrique to help 3 African Studios to find co producers for their game in Europe. Discover the three games based on African art, mythology and culture and work with the studios !

Gbakaman Racing
Amma - A quest for light
The Guardian Dynasty

About the company: Enter Africa

Like the Goethe Institut we believe serious gaming can encourage young people in Sub-Saharan Africa to use game thinking as a tool to address everyday challenges.We want to create a game ecosystem that represents African Culture and reimagines African futures.

Enter Africa was launched in 2018 by the Goethe Institut and we decided to join them in this innovative project. This is a creative African network made up of interdisciplinary teams including game developers, city planners, story tellers, artists, architects and engineers in 15 African mega cities.

Our activity aims at providing education and solutions through a selective market dedicated to promising African studios and to European studios that are open to cooperation. A market that take the shape of a platform to connect, showcase, network and interact between studios, institutions, publishers and financiers.

You are enthusiastic about our project ? You’re a European indie studio open to a Eurafrican cooperation and looking for a way to bring innovative and unexploited cultural materials in video game industry?

Feel free to contact us at: contact@spielfabrique.eu

You will also find rurther information on the official Facebook page: Enter Africa