The Guardian Dynasty
by Bonobo Studio

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Contact Name: Christian Mokuba

About the game: The Guardian Dynasty

Hundreds of years ago, the world, which consisted of 5 kingdoms in heavens and on earth, lived in peace and was held in balance by five royal masks guarded by the guardians that represents the 5 kingdoms of the heavens. Then one day came a belligerent who decided to seize the masks to assert his power. The battle was then launched, the world was completely devastated, and the masks were dispersed towards unknown (distant) lands ...

Decades later, while the mist of chaos and terror covered the surface of the earth, MOKUBA, called the chosen one, is entrusted with the most important mission by ZAIDI the last master keeper, to overthrow the majestic throne of SARBATANE, the maleficent, in order to restore the balance of two worlds before it dies out forever. To carry out the battle, MOKUBA the chosen one, will be accompanied by three warriors, YASUKE the black samurai, NAGA the queen of the Amazons and TOVO, the pest.

About the company: Bonobo Studio

BONOBO STUDIO is a young animation and video game studio based in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. He draws his inspiration from Congolese history and mythology in particular and African in general.


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