Gbakaman Racing

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Contact Name: Christian KOUAME

About the game: Gbakaman Racing

Gbakaman Racing is a mobile 2D horizontal and multiplayer racing game with atypical public transportation from Africa and all other the world: Gbaka, Tuk-Tuk, Guarolotejos, Car Rapide... And through your journey you will customize/improve your vehicle, buy new ones and equip them with gears allowing you to attack and defend yourself from your opponents during the races.
With some nice backgrounds and environment presenting different African cities, you will have access to innovative game modes such as "MyClient" where the winner is the player who keeps the longer the only client available on the race.
Play with your friends and try to be the greatest Gbaka driver of all time.

About the company: WORK'D

Created in 2017, WORK'D is an Ivorian start-up specialized in the video game industry. Its aim is to enhance the value of gaming as a means of promoting African culture and know-how. But also to change the public perception of gaming, which is first and foremost a means of entertainment but also a powerful communication, marketing and training tool for companies.
The studio's first project is called "POINTS by work'd" and is available on Google PlayStore. It is a smartphone adaptation of a famous game in African primary schools.
Currently we are working on a brand new game project: Gbakaman Racing.


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