Q - A Neon Platformer
by Manatea Entertainment

Press Contact

Contact Name: Stefan Kessler
E-Mail: press@manateaentertainment.com
Developer PressKit: https://press.manateaentertainment.com/q/presskits/Q_Presskit_20200604.zip

About the game: Q - A Neon Platformer

Q is a skill-based jump ’n’ roll game all about overcoming spike-filled challenges and obstacles. Inspired by classic platformer games, Q aims to deliver a refined gameplay experience focused especially on timing and twitch reflexes.
Q puts you in the uniform edges of a little square on its way out a ridiculously spiky maze of platform levels. Jump, run and climb your way through an obstacle course that’s absolutely out to get you. Are you up to the challenge?
Discover secret paths and hidden bits as you wrap your head around the game's mind twisting mechanics and master Q’s unique style of movement.
Q is designed from the ground up as a speedrunnable game. With different paths, tricky skips and advanced movement techniques to optimize the heck out of your run. Race the clock and show your friends how fast you can be!
Make your way through a world brimming with vibrant neon lights. Every chapter brings more glowing goodness with a unique color scheme and a banging theme to keep you rolling!

About the company: Manatea Entertainment

Manatea Entertainment is a new indie studio founded in early 2020 and located in Paderborn, Germany. We focus on making creative and innovative games with polished visuals and gameplay. We released "Q - A Neon Platformer" last year on Steam and are currently working on our next game with the working title "Adventure Roots".


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