Out of Line
by Nerd Monkeys

Press Contact

Contact Name: Philippe Dao
E-Mail: philippe.dao@hatinhinteractive.com
Developer PressKit: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18IFGYZ0sK-8ePQa-r6ERJe70IqAHCDBR

About the game: Out of Line

A unique adventure game filled with beautiful puzzles all hand-drawn in an original 2D style . Out of Line follows the adventures of San in a quest to escape the Factory that was once home. Dive into a story set in a mysterious world that is revealed through multiple chapters.

About the company: Nerd Monkeys

For the past eight years, Nerd Monkeys has been driven by a sheer passion for compelling video games, be it because of their captivating storytelling, the unique visuals or the fun gameplay mechanics and the experiences they can provide to people. We’re a bunch of crazy creatives, and we chose to apply our know-how into making cool games. Out of Line was brought to life by those core motivations. It is an incredible and emotional voiceless narrative with a unique art style.


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