Lucky Tower Ultimate
by Studio Seufz

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Contact Name: Stefan Michel
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About the game: Lucky Tower Ultimate

Lucky Tower Ultimate is a humor driven, narrative Roguelike. The narcissistic, clumsy knight “Von Wanst” is trapped at the top of a mysterious tower and attempts to escape the vertical dungeon in an absurd adventure. On each of the tower’s floors he needs to decide between three different doors that might reveal deadly traps, monsters, or even other prisoners that might join his escape party.

Heavily relying on sassy slapstick humor, the game aims to have each run feel like an immersive cartoon.

About the company: Studio Seufz

Studio Seufz is a video games and animation studio based in Stuttgart. It was founded in 2017 by Anselm Pyta, Stefan Michel and Benedikt Hummel. Their first big game release is “The Longing” that premiered 2020 to critical acclaim.


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