Turbo Shell
by Radioactive Dreams

Press Contact

Contact Name: Maggie Schneider
E-Mail: office@radioactivedreams.com
Link to request keys: office@radioactivedreams.com

About the game: Turbo Shell

Turbo Shell is a fast-paced 2D platformer with a unique movement mechanic: instead of running and jumping, you push and pull yourself through a sci-fi world with the help of a special tool. The push/pull-technique is rather easy to learn and offers a very rewarding experience for players who manage to master it: after a few runs, they’ll be able to “fly” through levels with hardly ever touching the ground and excel by reaching new best times.
Traverse through ever more challenging levels, collect rewards – and beat your friends’ best time! The release of the final game is scheduled for 2022. A free demo is available on Steam.

About the company: Radioactive Dreams

Radioactive Dreams is a Hamburg-based, newly founded company of three game developers with a combined industry experience of almost 20 years, currently working on our first very own title, "Turbo Shell".


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