Harmony's Odyssey
by MythicOwl

Press Contact

Contact Name: Michal Kaminski
E-Mail: m.kaminski@mythicowl.com
Link to request keys: m.kaminski@mythicowl.com
Developer PressKit: https://bit.ly/3jZUdcG

About the game: Harmony's Odyssey

Harmony’s Odyssey is a 3D adventure puzzle game in which modern world mingles with mythology. Embark on a fantastic journey through remote fabled dioramas tangled by a rowdy cat and bring peace to its inhabitants.

About the company: MythicOwl

MythicOwl is an indie puzzle games developer based in Warsaw, Poland. We create relaxing, creative puzzle experiences with mindful riddles, full of challenging gameplay mechanics. Makers of an award-winning Hexologic.


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