The Orphan: A Pop-UP Book Adventure
by Besworn Games

Press Contact

Contact Name: Daniele Martines

About the game: The Orphan: A Pop-UP Book Adventure

A child finds a destroyed pop-up book in an attic. Not only is it dusty and torn, but a spider has begun to claim the thick pages of the book. The child decides to repair the book, but as soon as it opens the book the child gets pulled into the book and becomes its prisoner. The only way out is to reach the last page. However, the child must continuously repair the destroyed game world, destroy the spider’s nest, solve puzzles, and survive the dark story of the books main character: an orphan.

About the company: Besworn Games

Besworn Games is a small indie studio in Nürnberg. Our games will offer a 2-3h narrative experience, with fitting riddles and mechanics. We give the player an interactive alternative to a movie night.


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