No Place for Bravery
by Glitch Factory

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Contact Name: Kyle Prahl
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About the game: No Place for Bravery

No Place for Bravery is a top-down 2D action RPG that weaves together stunning visuals, a memorable soundtrack, and intense combat in a deep and intimate narrative about moral dilemmas and the consequences of your choices.

Thorn, a retired warrior plagued by nightmares, stumbles upon the chance for redemption after finding clues about his long-lost daughter. It will be up to the player to decide how far Thorn will go, accompanied by his adoptive son Phid, not only to rescue his daughter, but also to fulfill his ambitions. Thorn is a skilled warrior in a world where people like him perish all the time. Under your guidance, Thorn will have the ability to kill and survive, but you should expect to find his vulnerability heavily reflected in your own series of fated defeats.

The game focuses on fast-paced combat and parrying. Making mistakes will be punishing, and you will experience a lingering sense of vulnerability as you face the dangers of the world of Dewr. The story of Bravery carries a strong message about the role of paternal figures and the consequences of their choices in a troubled world. This message was shaped by the developers' personal life experiences, with the aim of imparting these real and resonating feelings with competence and depth.

A captivating blend of the low-fantasy setting, highly-detailed pixel art, and amazing hand-painted textures make up this breathtaking world. Each second spent in No Place for Bravery pulses with an intense and immersive atmosphere you will feel deep in your soul.

About the company: Glitch Factory

Glitch Factory is an indie game development company founded in 2012 and based in Brasília, Brazil. Our team grew up in the era of 2D RPGs and Dungeon Crawlers - we've always loved these genres that can pleasantly combine action and strategy.

Ysbryd Games delivers games with stories that have the heart and soul to stay with players for a lifetime, underlined by captivating gameplay and striking aesthetics.


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