Space Mavericks
by Firegecko

Press Contact

Contact Name: Allysson Silva

About the game: Space Mavericks

Space Mavericks is a 2D multiplayer game that recreates the classic artillery style of aiming and shooting by adjusting the weapon's angle and power. Players can choose from different commanders with unique special abilities and get into diverse styles of battle arenas. Matches are quick, competitive, and engaging. The game challenges players for long and tricky shots affected by planetary gravity forces while defending themselves from enemies.
-Unlike most artillery games, the game is played in Real-Time;
-The game is set in space, and shots are affected by planets' gravity forces;
-Shots can explode planets and stars;
-A variety of commanders and spaceships that have different kinds of attributes, shots, and specials;
-A diversity of multiplayer modes prepared with rank systems for a competitive scenario.
-Short campaigns with rich story and giant bosses.
-Fast, fun, and competitive.

About the company: Firegecko

FireGecko is a new indie game studio bringing together talented and independent developers and artists with the passion to create innovative games for mid-core players of all ages.
We love working with innovation, we're gamers, and we all had the dream to create our own. So we started developing an artillery game that we haven't seen around for a long time and give a bit of twist to the genre: Space Mavericks.


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