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About the game: Inua

10,000 years ago lived Nanurluk, the great polar bear. One day, driven by ambition and the desire to prove their superiority, three humans decided to attack her. After a long and dire hunt, they killed her, disrupting the balance between nature and mankind. Embody the spirit of Nanurluk in her quest to restore the natural cycle of the world. Influence Taïna, Peter and Simon, three characters separated by more than a century but whose destinies are mysteriously intertwined.
Inua is a mystical and narrative adventure inspired by Inuit spirituality. The player controls the thoughts of different characters separated by time and space. As he navigates through the different levels, he will find ideas that he can instill into the mind of each character to change the course of history.
The player will have to change the past in order to restore the balance of the world.
The original and supernatural scenario of Inua is based on a very real story: that of the Franklin Expedition, a British mission in the 19th century set to explore the then unknown Arctic. Shipwreck, illness, mutiny: by gathering clues, retrace the tragic journey of this expedition, whose fate is still largely unknown.

About the company: Arte France - Iko - The Pixel Hunt

About ARTE
Founded in 1992, ARTE is a European public cultural television channel and a digital network focusing on creation and innovation. Over the past ten years, ARTE has co-produced a number of interactive creations such as the games Type:Rider, Homo Machina, Vectronom, The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Creature and Bury Me, My Love.

About Iko
IKO is a Paris based independant production company founded in 2010, which produces web documentaries, fiction short films, video games, web-series and VR experiences. IKO was founded and is still today represented by Igal Kohen, member of the Atelier Network, alumni of the Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris, a French - German program for young European producers by the Fémis and the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg schools.

About The Pixel Hunt
The Pixel Hunt imagines and makes reality-inspired games. We work for clients such as public broadcasters or TV production companies, and we also have independent projects.
The Pixel Hunt was founded in 2009 by Florent Maurin, a former journalist.


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